Satta is a type of gambling. By the way, the tradition of playing it is very old. Earlier this game was played on slip. But, now Satta is played online. It is also being played through many websites and apps.
Online Satta player has to choose one number from many numbers. A bet has to be placed on it. The one who chooses the correct number is considered to have won. . Along with this, wherever the satta matka business is going on, immediate action has also been asked to be taken. Actually, the business of Satta is a kind of gambling Gambling is played in it on a large scale, that is why it is also called the king of gambling. Satta is banned not only in Bihar but all over India. Despite this, it is played on a large scale.


The player who wins the game is called Satta King and he is given money in return for winning

Despite being illegal, it is one of the biggest business in India. Satta is a dangerous game and there is a lot of risk in this game.

(Satka ) is played not only by men but also by women. In ancient times, women of big houses used to play it as an amateur.

But, then those people used to play it on slip. Now they play it online. In ancient times, many slips were put inside a pot. A slip was taken out of it and its number was extracted

So in this way, in ancient times, the game of Satta was played in the traditional way. Due to the use of in the game, the name of this game was named Satka Matka. In the beginning, satta was played on the cost of cotton.