While pathology laboratory work is very different from that of a computer company or delivery service, it is useful to note that several key success factors are common across industries. For example, extremely successful companies like Apple, FedEx, and Toyota themselves in very different industries from each other all rely on streamlined manufacturing processes, intense attention to supply chains and logistics, rigorous quality assurance protocols, and internal state-of-the-art.
the pathology lab’s success factors are no different. Equivalent functions in Pathology Lab Management Software System include workflow efficiency, seamless integration of various pathology modules (Anatomic Pathology Lab and Clinical Pathology Lab modules), automation of complex laboratory procedures, robust interoperability and development with various analyzers and electronic health record systems driven pricing model. In terms of specific features that pathologists need in 2021 and onwards,


Software portals with electronic laboratory workflow architectures featuring QR coding options allow significantly greater automation than manual or paper records or other options. As a result, laboratories..

Effective lab reporting software should be able to connect to a wide range of electronic health records and billing services used by hospitals and health systems across the country. Thus, the system must be built on an open architecture,

The healthcare industry is undergoing rapid change. The demands and opportunities facing the modern laboratory are no exception. While the past several months have been dominated by the changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic – especially in the context of a dramatic increase in demand – a strong case can be made that the impact of the spread of the novel coronavirus hastened current trends. Is..

Like many industries, the pathology lab management software sector has been split into winners and losers for some time based on the company’s underlying business model, including its ability to deploy technology effectively.