An online examination platform ensures a fool-proof examination process with its in-built features such as enabling controllers of examination to plan the grading scheme, candidate and evaluator slotting, AI-enabled invigilation mechanisms that provifr a cheating-free environment and automated evaluation that able .
Online exams, also known as virtual exams, enables examiners to conduct exams using the internet for remote candidates. In an online examination, candidates are expected to answer the questions on their systems


Online examination is conducted on web-enabled devices like laptops and desktop computers. These exams or tests help to accurately assess a student’s knowledge in a wide range of subjects.

Apart from competitive entrance exams, some of the most popular exams administered through online platforms are term/semester exams, campus placements, online mock tests, and other assessments for the education sector.

Recruiters or educational institutions can easily set up exams through online assessment platforms. There are a plethora of options to choose from, and often one test can be combined with another for quick evaluation of various parameters.

An online examination system is a computer-based test system that can be used to conduct computer based tests online. This examination system uses fewer resources and reduces the need for question papers and answer scripts, exam room scheduling, arranging invigilators, coordinating with examiners, and more.